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John Fell Fund, Oxford University

The project establishes a collaboration with scholars in Korea to analyse time use patterns, the quality of life, and health outcomes among older adults in Korea. The project contrasts the results in Korea with previous research in other East Asian countries such as Japan, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong and western countries such as the UK and the US. The John Fell Fund supports access to the Korean time use data and the collaborative projects with Korean co-authors.

This project will build on the strengths that I will acquired as the member of the ERC-funded GenTime project and helped me develop an independent project. The John Fell Fund support also helped me to establish a collaborative network with Korean time use researchers. The time use research is growing in Korea as evidenced by the quality of publications and the growing number of participants at the annual Time Use Research conferences. The John Fell Fund will help me to maintain the collaborations that I have already established (with Dr Jiweon Jun and Dr Seung-Eun Cha) and make new connections with other Korean scholars for developing productive research initiatives on older adults and adult care in Korea, the UK, and other countries world-wide.

Deliverables and Milestones

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Deliverable 1 - Working paper on the division of labor in later life

Project: John Fell Fund, Oxford University

Together with Seung-Eun Cha, we are working on the division of labor in later life. 

Older adults continue being engaged in productive …

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Deliverable 2 - SES and Education Time

Project: John Fell Fund, Oxford University

Together with Jooyeoun Suh, we investigate how SES affects studying time among school children.

Using the 2019 Korean Time Use Survey, we ex…

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Deliverable 3 - Joint colalborative work on time use visualization

Project: John Fell Fund, Oxford University

Together with Jooyeoun Suh and other collaborators, we developed a tool to help visualize time-use diaries.

The paper was published in PLoS …